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Lee County Mental Health Court Program


The Lee County Mental Health Court Program was developed as an effort to identify and address the unique needs of people living with a mental illness who have entered into the criminal justice system. The intent is to improve public safety by helping these individuals continue to be productive, responsible members of the community.

The Lee County Mental Health Court Program is a voluntary alternative to the traditional court system. A defendant may be referred by his or her attorney, but final acceptance is determined by the State Attorney's Office. The defendant must have a qualifying diagnosis, there must be some correlation between the offense and the diagnosis, and they must agree to voluntarily enter the program and participate in mental health treatment. Once accepted, the defendant and mental health professionals develop an intervention plan that must be approved by the court. Assistance and treatment is coordinated throughout the plan and progress toward goals is monitored closely. A defendant must attend regular court appearances and must meet conditions of probation when applicable.


The Honorable H. Andrew Swett presides over the Lee County Mental Health Court Program. Court is typically held on Wednesday at 2:30 pm in Courtroom 2B on the 2nd floor of the Lee County Justice Center located at 1700 Monroe Street, Fort Myers Florida 33901.


Successful graduation results in either dismissal of the case, closure or further monitoring and supervision.


For more information about this program and/or to make a referral, please contact Lee County Probation at (239) 533-9199. A referral form (download above) may also be submitted to the following:

Administrative Office of the Courts
Lee County Probation
1700 Monroe Street
Fort Myers, FL 33901